I am 45 years old. Was told in 81 or 82 I had non A non B. I asked what that meant and was told I had been "exposed" and that it was nothing to worry about. Then in 91 or so I went to have surgery on my arm for repetitive motion injury. They did pre-hospital testing and told me I had hep B and C. They sent me to a doctor for it. I went every month, gave blood, complained about how i was always tired and had no interest in things I used to do (like sex) He patted me on the head and put me on antidepressants. He never told me not to drink or to watch my diet or anything. Then 2 years ago I got really sick and went to the emergency room. They explained it was the hep C and sent me to another doctor. I have cirrhosis and am taking all the tests for transplant. I blame myself for not trying harder to find out more about it but I also blame the doctor I went to for YEARS who never told me anything during that time. If it wasn't for a computer and friends I have met on line I wouldn't know what I do know.


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