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a We hurt, we cry, we laugh, we smile, we all wish this world was a better place, the list goes on and on, but most important we LOVE. I don't mean the IN LOVE kinda thing (altho i know a lot of you who are), but Love the kind of in general, covers almost everyone and everything kinda love. Not the "i own you and you are going to do what i want" kinda love but the kind of love that says "i am here for you and want to help in any way that i can" kind of love. It a rare thing, maybe i'll think of it as a "side effect" of HCV.

You don't have to continue reading this but i hope you do.

We all have our down days we all get depressed. I call it "adjusting to a new way of life." It is not they way of life we would have chosen if someone would have asked, but no one did, so this is what we have. I try to make the best of what i have to work with, at times it seems like it is nowhere near enough to do anything with but then i surprise myself and find humor in the strangest places, or beauty in the things i never even looked at before.

I never had time to notice some things before, now i have nothing but time but who knows how much time is left. This is true for everyone on this planet we never know if we are going to get hit by a car or a zillion other things but being TOLD you have something serious that doesn't go away makes a whole lot of difference. It ends the mystery of "how". With the how gone it makes the "when" seem a whole lot sooner than we want, that doesn't mean it IS going to be sooner than it was before it just ends one of the mysteries of it.

More mysteries, more uncertain, more like it will never happen. Now i find other mysteries to look into like, how in the world do i get social security, how do i stay awake to watch this tv show i have been wanting to see, and the biggest one of all-how do i take a shower without getting up?!!



Made out of gold sounds better than jaundice

Cincinnati, OH