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Ok, so the Infergen didn't work. The platelets dropped so low that I had to quit. Now we are talking transplant (the doctor is talking-I am listening-kinda) I have had every test they could have given anyone . I am perfect except for my liver. Doc says that is the kind they like-better chance of survival.

The really funny thing is they make you feel like a real criminal. Signed a contract that said I would not do any drugs or drink. It was no big deal because I am not doing any of those things BUT in this contract it also says they can take urines. Yes they make you pee for them! I understand that they don't want to waste an organ but they has to be another way besides making you feel like a real low life. They also made me go to AA meetings. It had been almost 2 years (over 2 now) since I had even had a drinkl with dinner and they made me go to AA. Not that I see anything wrong with AA if you want to go but to forse someone to go that has days they don't even want to get out of bed is a little much. I went resenting every second of it. When I complained about going they gave me another month to go-so becareful if this ever happens to you don't complain they will make you do it even more!

Liver Letter