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Hepatitis C

Just the words are scary. To those of us who have it, it takes some getting used to the idea.

Trust me, we all go through being happy, sad, hurting, forgetful, and just in general STRANGE. I don't think you are over reacting to the idea of having hep-c just ADJUSTING to the idea and all the weird things you can feel with it. It has a way of making ya think differently. Nothing has changed yet things are DIFFERENT.

You are still the same person as the day before they told you. Still have the same pain, goodness, spirit, love, heart, and soul but now things have different priorities.

Things that used to matter don't seem to matter as much anymore and things you never even had time to appreciate, you now look at with different eyes, yet they are still the same eyes. The wind still blows, the sun still shines, the rain keeps falling, people keep being born and people keep dying-isn't that AMAZING!

Everything has changed yet it is all still the same.
Don't ever think HCV has no symptoms-how many do you want me to list? Hang in there, All of us are all feeling pretty much the same way you do. "Helpless" is the word but we aren't really helpless, we have each other to make us strong! I am here for ya (and this goes for EVERYONE!)

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